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You will always feel welcome and comfortable from the second you walk through our doors to the moment you leave with healthy fabulous hair.  
We believe you should be listened to thoroughly, and communicated with honestly.

So go check out our vibe on our Instagram and get lost into our world of amazing hair or drop by in person - we don't charge for a consultation.



Please take a second to see past all the hype of the other salons and let me tell you what we are about. Let’ just get straight to the point, we give a damn. Our decor is not about being loud, flashy or showy, it's about taking the intimidation out of going to the salon. It’s about being relaxed, a place you can chill, and trust your stylist to do what’s best for your hair. It’s about getting you out of that production line feeling and creating an environment where you matter and are important to us.



We as stylist have our own style and flare about ourselves and what we feel comfortable in. Our aim is to make you feel as ‘you’ and bring out your style, from vibrant colors to a funky fresh cut or a blunt bob. Our purpose in life goes much deeper than great hair, it's about change in mentality.  Spreading the idea that it is in fact ‘cool’ to love ourselves.  



Our first priority is we care about the integrity of your hair and that will be our first priority , no matter what. Healthy hair is better than any color.Creatively, our fantasy colorings are very artist meets scientist. High polish, high shine, immaculate application makes every creation look priceless.    Yes, we offer amazing creative colors but don't forget, we do the same amount of flawless natural hair, too. From bold and bright to soft and subtle, from balayage to ombré and foiled highlights to hand painted accents, all that matters is that your hair reflects you.